When you switch on the console you will see G6DS Real touchpad, where you can choose either to play ROMs or start Moonshell and watch videos, listen to music, view pictures etc. In general all modern slot-1 flashcarts have near perfect NDS Compatibility. Sync your messages, backup your phone, and more. It feels very sturdy. In general, the G6DS Real has the best of everything assuming that the auto-DLDI patcher comes out in June , and even though it is a seemingly high price in the current market, the G6DS Real is a bargain compared with slightly older carts.

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With the mini loader, you are first greeted with this warning message.

Genuine dynamic chart sign contact surface and entire system function conformity May become effective immediately perfectly trades the skin function not to need to open again The movie, the music, the electricity?? Relativly hard to learn menu system.

G6DS Real is in sole possession of pure CLEAN the ROM actuation system, nearly cannot have any compatible problem regarding the newest issue game, may guarantee in the first time enjoys the perfect game to experience – the use to be enjoyable. When you choose a game, you enter a menu that gives you gd6s for cheating, soft reset, slow-motion switch, and the actual slow-motion level.


Both options work just fine.

When it comes to official games support the G6 reigns supreme. Either way, you get into the Carc Real menu at some point. The GUI has a touch interface and is skinnable.

G6 DS Real USB Reader

You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Game support When it comes to game support there are two things we have to bare in mind. All games i tested worked just fine.

The best feature however is g6vs in-game cheat menu! And in general, the features do not seem very polished yet. As for the cheat system there is no clear winner. There is no software to trim games or to convert saves either. Card is in grey colour. Every game I have cqrd at it so far simply works. Speaking of the latest package of FC card is actually no stranger, this is long and we mentioned independent version of FC burner suit.

G6DS Real FAQ | G6DS Real 8Gb & 16Gb

If you want to see the full sized version of this picture and read the features, click here. Click to download this file Category: Features Built in extra features of the NDS media adapter card.


Your name or email address: Is there any way rela organize the order my files are displayed in G6DS Real? As far as i know yes. How g6dz i use skins? Specifications Product type Smartphone Display size Although I like the possibility to be able to change the information in the database and be able to set the save size myself it would have been nice if the SC team would have made an autodetect feature. Save game is automatic. PdaDS is not available.

I’ll put it in a small table for you. It requires a reboot. Product future What this products future looks like.

Motorola Moto G6 DS Smartphone Blue

G6DS Real is one of cwrd personal favourites. The reader works quite fast, but it scratches the G6DS Real a little bit when it is inserted and removed. Also both units use action replay cheat codes to be able to cheat in your games however there are differences.

The G6 Team informed me that the 2.