I too had no idea what was going on haha. As complex as putting a watermelon through the eye of a needle I do stay connected to ifupdown eth0 though. Sorry, your last edit, does it mean it didn’t solve the problem? Hey, So i started from a fresh VM, i did the install and got the vb guest additions. I used Kali 1.

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In that case edit with nano:.

At the end of that tutorial when he did iwconfig the wlan0 still didn’t show up. Im connected to Ifupdown ethO. Now the wireless is gone and I need the driver for it. Actually it’s more likely me calling you for sure. It’s not a matter of Kali version nor VB, just try with the Usb support and the extension pack and report the results. Toshiba ld driver wifi. I am running VB 4.

This time I didn’t have to edit NetworkManager. Toshiba Satellite LD laptop drivers. I’m a little moody. So from the several tutorials that i read on installing the drivers, it would seem like I installed the drivers correctly and should be able to use my adapter on Kali.

ALFA Networks AWUS036NEH | 2.4 GHz WiFi USB Adapter, 150 Mbps, Ralink RT3070

I don’t know if this is relevant in my case, but I just wanted to let you know that accessing the internet wasn’t the problem in the first place. Sorry, your last edit, does it mean it didn’t solve the problem?

  3CR990B FX 97 DRIVER

Never heard of that So i installed Kali Linux 1. Try r3070 network-manager restart after plugging in the wireless adapter, I’ll try to reproduce the process too, so I’ll be able to tell you what the problem is. WiFi devices 1 network cards 3 video cards 1 controllers 1 all systems.

Problem with rt Chipset in Kali « Null Byte :: WonderHowTo

All that did was put a little red cross next to the computers at the top right, where it still says “device not managed” unfortunately. Ok so I start up Kali VM, logg in as root and when it’s all properly loaded I plug the usb in the computer.

I honestly have no idea what’s going on, but I’ll tell you something: Ok, I tried the joke, that didn’t work out very well. Sounds like you deleted you wirless drivers somehow during installation. I unplugged it and plugged it back in, still nothing happened. And this works for me, and in most recent versions you probably won’t even need to edit NetworkManager.

Then I changed the NetworkManager. In the ‘blackmoreops’ it said I should now be able to connect to a network and browse the internet, but even before the “device not managed” problem I was allready able to acces the internet.


Alfa Network AWUS036NH USB 2.0 Highpower WLAN Adapter 2000mW (2W) and 5dBi antenna

Interesting part, adding USB support Oh, just found out, trying on my own, that filtering it doesn’t really help! I honestly have no clue on what I may have done wrong. Let me provide you with some alternative settings of virtualbox, might that be of any help: As I said, if it doesn’t solve, the problem is somewhere else, probably in those two configurations you mentioned, I’ll be reading about them.

And yes, when i click on the computer at the top right of Linux, it shows: But I can finally start learning about kali now! I set my network to ‘network bridge adapter’ and there listed my USB adapter as name. I also read this thread https: Read my post here to see if you are familiar with what I’m talking about.

I do stay connected to ifupdown eth0 though.