While the LCD’s outdoor visibility was okay, in low light the camera becomes almost unusable, as the screen doesn’t brighten automatically like virtually every camera on the market. Now, here’s how the M compares to other compact cameras in terms of size and weight:. My sony cemera dont have that issue. When you transfer the photos to your Mac or PC, they’ll automatically be sorted into albums in the EasyShare software. If you turned off anti-virus software, turn it back on.

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Easysnare Mac OS X Focal Length Equivalent to 35mm Camera. Besides the camera itself, I was very pleased with the Kodak EasyShare software that came with. My son is taking a trip to New York with a school organization and wanted a digital camera to take with him.

Formatting a card deletes all pictures and videos, formatting including protected files. Kodak M Specifications Tweet Share. Pictar Pro makes your phone feel more like a premium camera It even adds a viewfinder. Inside the box you’ll find:. Page 33 Choose how long the shutter stays open. Focus is set to Auto Focus see page The separate images are not saved, so what you see is what you get.


Other battery charging accessories that may be sold separately include: As you’d expect, you cannot attach an external flash to the M On the positive side, they were well exposed, with vivid colors maybe a bit too much for my tastes and minimal purple fringing.

Kodak EasyShare M853 User Manual

Using a printer that is not PictBridge enabled For details on printing koddak from your computer, click the Help button in EasyShare software. If you’re confused about any of the shooting modes or menu options, you can press the Info button to get a help screen. To interrupt the Slide Show, press OK. The camera is slow to focus, even in bright light.

Shot-to-shot delays were minimal, with a one second delay between shots, despite how slow the camera seemed at writing images to a high speed memory card.

Using Camera Help Candle light Capturing subjects in low light. Get help with the Windows operating system and www. Exposure Parameters Exposure Metering.

Kodak EASYSHARE M853 – digital camera Series

I’m not sure what the charging time is for this charger, unfortunately. Also available for transferring You can also use these Kodak products to transfer your pictures and videos. The icons are easy to understand, instead of a confusing set of hand shapes and stick figures.


Lens System Optical Zoom. If you want a thinner, all-metal body, then you’ll have to pony up for the M kodai M This camera is great for beginners, and the software is top of the line for editing.

And speak of albums. Important information Legal Disclaimer was released from our police dept and their property room to be sold. The last item of note on the front of the camera is the microphone, which is located to the lower-left of the lens.

Tagging Pictures For Printing Prints is not available in quickview. See the Kodak on camera EasyShare software Help.

Table Of Contents Understanding the picture-taking icons Easyshafe, these proprietary batteries are standard features on compact cameras like the M MD while the Shutter button is pressed. Special offers and product promotions Buy Used and Save: