Burial ai Wtibiuy Park, nr. Mr Hurd made clear that he did not accept such a linkage, saying: February 9 foal by employing specialised counter-battery units foe UN in Sarajevo would be better able to determine whose guns are responsible for such episodes as foe market killings on February 6. But there are strong arguments for bringing disciplines together, so that me speciality can draw on another, so that doctors and scientists are brought geographically closer. Where consultants work for the NHS, it is surely reasonable that their primary employer can restrict the amount of work they do for other employers. Mrs Howard Page was in attendance. Ms Weldon told Li toy Purves about her passionate feelings against therapists and her growing anger against their profession.

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EU could ban bathing Bathing could be banned from many of Britain’s most popular beaches under new rules, unveiled in Brussels yesterday, which require EU member states to prohibit the activity nnlpw S tamfor ds for health and cleanliness are met Last year around 20 per cent of British beaches foiled to reach the mandatory s maston, including those at several leading Tesorts.

They did not last long. There are two benefits. Birthdays today Sir Derek Andrews, civil servant.


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Amanda and Sarah win always love and mlsB you. B airy Jones summed it up.

The strength of psychiatry in the treatment of mental disorder is not, of course, intelligence, but the values of training, experience and supervision. Maxtton Raoul Cedras, has so far not budged: Russia will be hugely grateful.

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One hopes that in due time there will be. Bosnia conflict rp Westminster ideological divide Gladstone: It contains no explicit sex, gratuitous violence or bad language, and gives a dear picture of social history in the 19th century: Vaughan, however, recalls it rather differently.

Funeral eesday 22nd February J Police could be used only if there was a risk of violence, she said. Johnathan Ball, who had also been standing near the litter bin that contained the bomb, died instantly from shrapnel wounds. M Forte Leisure Breaks Brochure is packed with new features such as: Nifedipine is one of the calcium antagonist drugs used mxaton cardiovascular medicine.

So we could be back, in my judgment to a worse position than today.

Times wins top graphic award THE TIMES has received the top award for best features graphic in the most prestigious international newspaper design awards. Mrs Howard Page was in attendance.

Yesterday saw business as usual in the hospital — with one exception. Geoffrey Sims, head of graphics, and Laura Sylvester won the silver medal for a graphic on the Second World War Battle of the Yy7u detail, above which appeared in a special supplement published by The Timas last year to celebrate its 50th anniversary.


Maxxton culture in which we live is still that shaped by the early 20th century. She and Nancy Kerrigan, her arch-rival meet in competition next week. Grand Duchess Mane; on ground.

Germany: Hamburg

Loving friend and hioband of Angela, beloved brother, father and grandfather. Interventionism has only been backed by a few on the right, notably Lady Thatcher and some of her intellectual allies.

Mr Howard’s plans to set national objectives for the police and to speed up amalgamation of fortes will come under attack from peers today. God of Jacob pays no heed. MlcmiefS; Middleton S C: On the outside it says: But one returns to the dresses, the scenery, the furniture, the whole decor. On the face of it.

The following year the Tsar and Ms family visited Britain, where they were entertained by the King at Cowes.