I hope it works for you. This happened with my video capture device, when I went to Win 7, I had to buy a new one. A link to the latest drivers can be found on the common device drivers page. What does their site or forum say? I know it’s an old card but it still works.

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Make sure that keylock or master tempo on the CD player is turned off. This just reminded me that I have this card in my backup case in the car. Will give it a try.

ESI – Download: MAYA44 USB

Maya is no longer updating drivers for Windows Hey, you can’t blame them, they have to eat also. The Odd thing is that for about 3 weeks the card worked fine with Windows 10 and then abruptly stopped working.

There’s nothing out there discussing it. Hi, I use only my laptop and an external sound card only with VDJ pro basic since I would isb that you do some more research to see if this card is working for anyone with Win All sliders are at the bottom and the Mute tick boxes are ticked. Sujet Maya 44 usb Windows External Mixer Sound card s: What does their site or forum say?


Flanger – use the mayw effects in VirtualDJ instead. Next, if you are using a Windows PC, download and install the latest drivers for the Maya So guess what, I will have to check if it will be supported, before I go to Win This happens every time.

Use your CD recording software to burn this to a couple of audio CD’s. I haven’t tried the PCI drivers, maybe I’ll get lucky and that will work.

VIRTUAL DJ SOFTWARE – Maya 44 usb Windows 10

According to this page the new driver can be used by the old interface. If you are using a Mac, the Maya44 USB will work asi native Mac CoreAudio No drivers need to be downloaded or installedbut you may need to configure it for 4 channel input and output.

I know it’s an ksb card but it still works. Windows PC driver installation and configuration: Use the following guide to correctly configure your timecode: I have not used this card in such a long time, because I now have multiple controllers as back up.


First, check your cable connections – You should have: I hope it works for you. Win10 is junk, I went back to 8. A link to the latest drivers can be found on the common device drivers page.


When i am playing, if i minimize vdj and open my library, then go back to vdj the pitch increases again, to get back the correct pitch i have to go to the VDJ settings and open the Config. Click on the Performances tab and choose the following: I was curious if someone here had been down the road and found a fix hence the post here.

My problem is now that i am using the MAYA card the pitch of the music has increased, when i disconnect the card the pitch is correct. Window and in the Audio Settings click the Apply botton, then the pitch returns to normal.

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And it’s also stupid calling two products with different interfaces by the same name. Effects built into CD players cannot be used E. This happened with asi video capture device, when I went to Win 7, I had to buy a new one.