I’m not getting power to anything any more. Now with just psu to motherboard, cpu, and one stick of RAM boot-up. MSI Mobo beeps on start-up Nov 10, What is the make, model, and wattage of your psu? I can’t tell you much about the computer because all the info is on it, I can tell you that I have a MSI mobo, intel processor, and it has 2 gb ram. Are any LEDs on; any fans turning, etc.?

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For video and sound cards and any other sticks of RAM they must be uninstalled. Thanks Did as videp suggested and right off the bat I had no power to anything. What is the make and model of your power supply?

I will let you know how it all goes. If it boots up then shut down and add another component boot up and so on. This has become very frustrating for me.

Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment. What is the make, msii, and wattage of your psu?

How old is this system? The make and model of my psu is Antec watt and yes it does have onboard video but, I was having problems with that about a year ago and put a video card in it, nvidia nforce 3 series but that’s not even working.


MSI Mobo beeps on start-up Nov 10, Any beeps or no beeps? I looked up your motherboard and am I correct in reading that you have onboard video? Join the community hereit only takes a minute.

Don’t know if that helps but, i’m trying to give you guys as much info as I can as I come by it. Is this prebuilt like an HP, Dell, etc.? Does anyone think that this motherboard is dead?

During a download my computer shut down and when I turned it back on it said it was over heating so Jm4am-v shut it down again, waited a few hours and now I’m not getting beeps on start up or video. I have checked all cables numerous times, even unplugged things and plugged them back in but, nothing is working.

No, create an account now. Are any LEDs on; any fans turning, etc.? Do you already have an account? This just started today, I updated to windows 7 a few days ago and all was going fine. Disable all other hardware components from the motherboard. Everything inside the case is running I just don’t get any start up beeps or video.


No beeps, no video on start up

Yes, my password is: Join the community here. I just tried clearing the cmos mei, still nothing. Do you have a friend who has a digital multimeter to test the psu?

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My nephew is going to bring over and psu he has we are going gideo try hooking that up. Nothing came on when I turned it on except the cpu fan.

I took it all apart cleaned it including the monitor and it worked for a few hours. For the monitor, harddrive and dvd drives this means simply disengaging the cables from the motherboard. I’m not getting power km4zm-v anything any more. Your name or email address: